El Club dels Caps Rapats

As you know... I love to read! Last week Adrià Alfaro talk with me about one book; el club dels caps repats. The writer of this book is Andreu Sotorra. This book talks about a boy who cuts the head" es rapa el cap". When this boy was 16 years old he cut their hair but also was a "grafiter". I believe that this book would be a good reading at school because use a easy vocabulary and it is classifiedfor eso or batxillerat.This book could increase the willingness of young people to read.


the end

Hi guys.
How are you!!??I am fine!!!! Why?
Because this is the last week in this center.
Next Friday I will do the last exam of this year and later my work will be to study for the selectivity. After this work I also have more work, for example; to find flat, to do the inscription, to do the inscription in the university, work in the supermarket like last year and help my mother.
But now, I thinking about my first year in this school and I don't want to go out. I love my friends and I have fondness to some teachers... I think that this is the moment in our lifes that we have to choose our way.. choose new friends, new house, new subjects and the most iportant thing choose our live because next year we don't have our mothers and we have to learn to cook, clean and buy.
I need next year but I also want last years...

Next year we will be indipendent(L)


My interest in DYI dates back to my childhood. I had an uncle who would entertain me with descriptions of his latest projects around the house. I always looked forward to the time when I was old enough to take up the hobby myself.

I have sine found out that my uncle may not have been telling the truth all those years ago. He often starts his projects with good intentions but never gets around to finishing them. My wife thinks I take after him.

Recently, I bumped my unlce in our local hardware store. I Told him I was carrying out some repairs at home and he offered to help me out. I told him I could probably get by on my own.


El meu ineteres per el DYI vé de la meva infancia. Jo tenía un tiu que m'entretenía amb descripcions dels seus ultims pojectes a prop de casa. Jo sempre esperava el temps quan jo era gran per poder agafar el hoby jo mateix.

El meu tiu podía no dir-me la veritat d'aquells anys. Ell sovint començava els seus projectes mb bona intenció pero mai estava a prop per acabar-los. La meva dona pensa que els he d'agafar després d'ell.

Fa poc, vaig golpejar el meu tiu en la nostre ferretería local. Jo li vaig dir que estava fent unes reparacions a casa i ell es va oferir a ajudar-me. Jo li aig dir que probablement podría sol.

Another dialogue

Maria: What music do you like, Sam?
Sam: Well I don't like pop or rock music.But.. I am a big fan of jazz.
Maria: Jazz? I don't know a lot of people who like jazz but it's Ok. so... if you could go anywere in the world to see any performer, where would you go, and who would you like see?
Sam: There are some great musicians here in Britain. But I think that if I could go anywhere, I'd like to go to Cape Town to see the South African jazsza guitarist, J.D.
Maria: I've never heard of him. What can you tell me about him?
Sam: He studied music at the University of Cape Town. But nobody taught him how to play the guitar. He used to borrow his cousin's guitar, and pracice by himself. He first became famous in the mid-1980s- he's one of the most well known stars in South Africa.
Maria: Have you ever see him life?
Sam: I really wish I'd see him play. I don't suppose I'll get the chance unless he cames to Europe Perhaps I'll have to save up so that I can go to South Africa.

Dwayne Johnson (The rock)

This one is an actor who before was going out in the programs of fight.

Dwayne Johnson was born in Hayword, California ( May 2, 1972), with Rocky Johnson and Ata Johnson While he growing up, Dwayane traveled a lot with his parents ans witched his father i the ring. At 24 age, he become the youngest Intercontinental Champion in WWF history.

He was the first ferson that to ever kick out [of the "Stone Cold"] " Stunner", while fighting Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestelmenia, Formen World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champion. He was a member of Miami's NCAA National championschif team in 1990. Also he was the first man to win the WWF tite record in six times. Now he's a famous actor. You can see Dwayne Johnson in some films, for example, Race to Witch Mountain, Saturday night live, The Mummy returns, The Scorpion King and more.

In my opinion, he is a very good actor because I love his films.

Will our life improve to genetic esearch?

The mankind in general thinks that genetic research will become an improvement for disiases, a augnent of food etc. And other as
religios sekts. In addition, also is very important for cloniy organs, that these contribute to overcome lifes. In near future thsese will can helps a some people with heart problems or people qith smokink problems that her lungs will be changed for cloned lungs. thinks that these should be hand baned,

In my opinion, genetic research is mankind progress and the future of our society.

Firstly, genetic research generate more food and more shipper. consequently of these dicreare global faminy. For example, mor amout of fruit trees ans vegetables.

In addition, also it is very important for cloniy organs, that contribute to
overcome dangerouse health problems. In near future thsese will can help a some people lungs from people with problems can be changed for a cloned organ.

And the other diseases will be detected before born.

For conclude, i am agree with genetic research for logincs and humans reasons. If the results of their research are good, the mankind will become better.


People in general think that adolescence is a very easy stage in life. However, they don't worry about teenage people problems and adults don't know that teenagers life can be very difficult.

On the on hand, people in their teens have for example, mental disorders and they can't control. Young people need to have places where thay can meet and do activities, but they don't have them. Therfore, teenagers go out to the streets to drink alchool and smoke. But the parents are not only worried about drugs consumption but also about alchool problems. For example, I know the case of a boy who had a car crash because he had suprassed five times the alchool permitted.

In conclusion, do you really think teenagers life is easy?